Even with the growing popularity of casual games and wholesome game genres, gaming accessories still have an aggressive vibe around them. These video game accessories tend to be mostly black, red, green, and more black.

However, if you’re looking to divert from the typical gamer setup and want to go for the softer and calmer aesthetics, there are actually a lot of kawaii gaming accessories that will give your space a unique twist. So whether you want to decorate your special gaming corner in your home or want to buy a gift for a gamer who is dear to you, here are the most adorable kawaii gaming accessories out there.


1. Kawaii Cat Paw Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

Everyone in the online community knows that cats rule the internet. 

So if you spend hours with a mouse in your hand, why not make yourself comfortable with this mouse pad that has a squishy pillow for your wrist? This super cute kawaii mouse pad is available in pink, silver, gray, and black. 

Whether you’re a hardcore or casual gamer, this anti-slip and static-free mousepad is ideal for hours of computer use. And honestly, tell me, how could anyone resist that little paw?

2. Kawaii Pacman Keycaps

If you don’t know this yellow thing with a huge appetite, either you’re just too young or you’re not even a true gamer. 

Perfect for retro game lovers, these kawaii pacman keycaps are compatible with standard mechanical keyboards (Cherry MX stem). This set of five keycaps is ideal for the Esc, Function, or the Number row keys.

3. Kawaii Deer & Dog Nintendo Switch Thumb Grips 

Whether you’re just unwinding or playing on competitive matches, gaming can mean hours of holding a controller. So don’t let sweaty fingers affect your performance and spoil the fun!

These deer and dog thumb grips are compatible with your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite joy-cons. They come in a pack of four scratch-proof, waterproof, and dustproof thumb grips with a soft, comfortable finish.

Enjoy hours of gaming with these premium thumb grips that won’t make your fingers smell like rubber.

4. Kawaii Cat Ears Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

Looking to customize your Nintendo Switch while adding a little more protection? This hardcover shell case with cat ears is the perfect accessory for you!

This case comes in gray, beige, or pink and is available in two sizes– slim and big. Both sizes can hold the Nintendo Switch Console and 10 game card slots, but only the big one has a space for the charger. 

And mind you, those cat ears are not just for adding a ton of cuteness– they are also functional as they can be used as a stand. How awesome is that?


5. Kawaii Bunny & Bear Space Adventure Mouse Pad

Whether you’re a space nerd, an animal lover, a gamer who wants to achieve a minimalist gaming setup or all of the above, this cute anti-slip desk mat is a fab option!

Made from soft, premium rubber, its texture allows for comfortable mouse use. Not to mention that it is super stylish and adorable!

6. Kawaii Donut Seat Cushion

When gaming becomes too intense, you sometimes forget about your posture and tend to stay in an uncomfortable position as your focus is intently elsewhere. 

So before you experience body aches, why not use these plush donut seat cushions that will keep you comfortable while you play? This seat cushion is made with PP foam and cotton, so you can be sure that it’s super soft and squishy.

And the best part? It’s a perfect addition to your room’s kawaii look and feel. 

7. Kawaii Gengar & Gastly Nintendo Switch Case Bundle

If you grew up with a backpack-full of Pokemon cards and grew up playing Pokemon games on your Nintendo consoles, you will surely recognize this ghost-type Pokemon!

This limited edition Pokemon Switch Bundle is perfect for Gengar and Gastly fans. It comes with a 4-piece joy-con case (2 front and 2 back), Switch protective shell case, lightweight Gengar travel carrying case, and an anti-fingerprint tempered glass bordered screen protector. 


8. Kawaii Spiked Shell Resin Keycap

Any gamer who has played Mario Kart has surely been a victim of, or has victimized another player with this Spiny Shell! It first appeared in Mario Kart 64 as a special item, and now you can use this iconic power-up to add style to your Cherry MX mechanical keyboard.

These resin keycaps are handmade and are perfect for Super Mario fans or retro gaming enthusiasts. Besides, all the cool people are customizing their keyboards these days.


9. Kawaii Cat Paw Nintendo Switch Game Card Carrying Case

Game cartridges can be expensive. So let this cute kawaii cat paw case protect your Nintendo Switch game cards!

This shockproof and waterproof protective shell can protect your cartridges from outer damage and moisture. It has 16 game card slots, so you can bring a huge part of your game collection with you when you travel.

10. Kawaii Bunny Ears Seat Cushion

If you want maximum comfort while you play, get this seat cushion with bunny ears that covers your bottom and back. It works well with most office and gaming chairs, and can even be added to other areas of your home such as your reading room or kitchen.

It comes in pink, purple, black, blue, gray, green, white, and yellow to match your room’s kawaii aesthetic. 

Final Thoughts

With the overwhelming selection of kawaii products out there, we hope our carefully curated top picks can help you create the perfect kawaii gaming setup. And if you’re looking for gift ideas for your gamer friend or loved one, you will surely find the ideal gift from this plethora of kawaii gaming accessories.

Remember, there’s no such thing as “too kawaii”. So if you end up buying all of these kawaii gaming accessories, don’t worry we won’t judge you! 😉


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