Let’s get real– plushies are not just for kids. They’re also for adults who are kids at heart!

However, if you think teddy bears and animal plushies are too mainstream, why not opt for kawaii food plushies just for a change? These cute food-inspired stuffed toys are part of the plushie revolution that originated from Japan in the 1970s and became increasingly popular around the world. 

You might say that food plushies are a bit silly because the real deals are way better. Well, be ready to eat your words when you see how adorable they are! 

Whether you’re buying kawaii food plushies as a gift or you’re treating yourself, these carefully hand-picked kawaii items are the best way for anyone to showcase and literally embrace their love for munchies!

1. Kawaii Avocado Plush

Choosing the right avocado can be difficult. But with this Kawaii Avocado Plush, we promise you, you won’t think twice when you see it! And no matter how long you leave it out in your room, it will still maintain that perfect level of softness.

Who can resist those cute arms and legs? Beware though your mates may snag it for snuggles! You can choose from three different sizes or maybe get them all!

2. Kawaii Banana Plush

The yellow in this Kawaii Banana Plush will surely brighten anyone’s day! This banana plushie with embroidered kawaii face and fuzzy, soft feel makes a great hug pillow or nap pillow!

It comes in four sizes making it perfect for both young ones and adults.

3. Kawaii Boba Plush

Boba or bubble tea is taking over the world! So if you are fond of this tapioca pearl-filled drinks or know someone who’s addicted to it, this is the perfect plushie to buy!

This Kawaii Boba Plush comes in five styles– the excited milk tea, the smiling milk tea, cute strawberry pink, lovable green tea, and simple coconut white. And just like ordering in a bubble tea shop, there are also four sizes to choose from.

So go on, choose your flavor or try them all!

4. Kawaii Carrot Plush

This super adorable Kawaii Carrot Plush is a unique item if you’re a vegetable lover or as a gift to someone who’s health conscious. It has a pretty orange color that is easy on the eyes and features great detail. And oh, just look at that kawaii smile and leaf detail!

You can choose from three different sizes depending on what you want to do with it. You can lay on it, hug it, or use it as a body pillow. This carrot plushie is not only perfect as a cuddle buddy, but also for decorating your room if you’re going for that kawaii aesthetic.

5. Kawaii Sandos Plush

In case you don’t know what sandos are, it is simply a cute slang for sandwich and one of Japan’s favorite snacks. You’ll find different types of sandos in the land of anime, so it makes perfect sense that this Kawaii Sandos Plush also comes in four varieties. 

You can find the smiling sando, happy sando, sad sando, and angry sando with long arms and legs. And mind you, even the sad and angry sandos are super adorbs! Choose from two sizes or buy both to decorate your kawaii room!

6. Kawaii Radish Plush

Japanese people are known to eat healthy. Traditional Japanese diet involves balanced meals and promotes minimally processed food. No wonder a lot of these food plushies are inspired by fruits and vegetables!

So here’s another perfect item for vegetable lovers– the Kawaii Radish Plush. It comes in four sizes and three styles: the happy radish, the excited radish, and the confident radish.

With those small arms and legs, and the cute leaf on top of its head that resembles a ribbon, this humanized radish plush looks like it came straight out of a cute Japanese manga or anime series.

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If you’re spending long hours in front of your computer, you might want to buy these food-themed seat cushions to add comfort while keeping it kawaii. 

7. Kawaii Fruit Donut Seat Cushion

These Kawaii Fruit Donut Seat Cushions will keep you comfortable while you play, read, or lounge at home. They’re made with PP foam and cotton so they’re guaranteed to be soft and squishy.

You can also choose from three different fruits– the pineapple, strawberry, or watermelon. With their different color combinations, you’ll surely find something that matches your kawaii room’s aesthetic!

Give your butt a treat by buying these cute seat cushions!

8. Kawaii Fruity Plush Seat Cushion

This Kawaii Fruity Plush Seat Cushion is different from the donut seat cushion above as it also covers your back. It comes in three different food-themed styles– pineapple, strawberry, and avocado.

You can also choose between two sizes: medium (55×85 cm) and large (65×75 cm), but both fit most gaming chairs, office chairs, or just your regular chairs and couches. Just like the Kawaii Fruit Donut Seat Cushion, it’s also made with PP foam, making it super soft and comfortable. 

Working or playing for long hours? We know you sometimes only notice your poor posture when your body starts to hurt.

Don’t suffer in silence– buy this cute plush seat cushion and prevent lower back pains due to extended periods of sitting!

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of cute items all over the internet that kawaii lovers want to get their hands on. However, plushies are among the favorites and remain on top of their wishlist.

The kawaii food plushies featured in this article are a different kind of “comfort” food– they make the best huggable companions! Explore the items at ooKawaii and see how your favorite food items are transformed into soft and cuddly stuffed toys.


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